28 octubre 2006

Archaeologists about to Come to Sensational Finding - Walls of Antigonea Unearthed.

Massive 100-meter long walls, at places two meters thick, have made archaeologists to believe that they are about to come to a sensational finding – the venue of the ancient town of Antigonea, third century BC.

They say that ethics still does not allow them to definitely state the discovery until they find a written proof that Antigonea was located in the place of Gradiste near Negotino, along the Vardar River. Still, according to the findings so far – the walls, ceramics, glass items, jewelry and coins, they probably found themselves in front of the town walls last summer.

Archaeologists of the Museum in Negotino and the Museum of Macedonia worked on the site above a hill at 300 meters above the sea level between early august and late September. The purpose of the excavations were the walls on the west and south sides of the hill, which are visible from the road leading to Negotino.

“We found 100 meters of the wall. The older part of stone and mud were erected in the Hellenic period, and the upper layers were up-built under the Romans when they attached the stones with mortar, archaeologists Kiro Angelovski, custodian counselor at the Museum in Negotino and head of the excavations says.

Older layers have yet to be discovered. Archaeologists have not braved to lower the level of earth fearing ruining of the massive walls. So far, the walls are the most sizable indicator that Antigonea was located at Gradiste in Negotinio. The archaeologists support this thesis with many findings at the “economic” facility near the hill where the suburban part of the ancient town was located.

Fuente: MRT

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